The DELTA Vision Series has been assembled to support the Small Office Home Office (SoHo) sector. It is offered as a monitoring option by itself or as the perfect companion for our elite Series to include monitoring for mobile devices and users, small remote offices and home based offices.
PLEASE NOTE: Many of the advanced Security and Log management features and reports are not available with this solution as a standalone option.


This is an agent based system packed full of features and management benefits. Key Features Agent Based. This solution provides a comprehensive range of monitoring tasks via a locally installed ‘Agent’. DELTA can monitor Core Services and Processes, Disk Stats and trending, Basic Event and SNMP Log management, Performance trends and statistics and identify basic Security issues. Easy and Affordable Easy to deploy, remove and add more features and services making this an ideal solution for the single PC, Mobile User and SoHo environments. Pay only for what you use and there are no fixed term contracts. Integrated into DELTA’s core frameworks Fully managed by the Delta process frameworks which add additional benefits and consolidation of information.

Remote Patch Management Proactive third party patch management we will keep your systems up to date with the latest releases in a safe and efficient manner, while preventing user interruption. Process Monitoring Delta has a comprehensive array of scripts and checks to meet many requirements. Custom scripts can be created to meet many needs. Managed Anti-Virus Solution with a fully managed antivirus solution. This enhances the monitoring service and system protection. Why worry about whether your AV signatures are up to date or whether the action taken to remove an infection has worked correctly when we can do this for you. Asset / Inventory Tracking and Reporting. All monitored servers and workstations are fully audited at regular intervals to ensure an up to date list of hardware and applications in use is available. Full reports are available online when you need them. Alert Escalation Centre All alerts received are tracked and processed via DELTA’s Alert and Call escalation Centre. The Best Antivirus and Internet Security Protection Internet security and protection from virus intrusion can be a difficult task to manage at the best of times. What is the best antivirus software for internet security and virus removal? - Is my antivirus software up to date and are the antivirus definitions current? - How do I know if the virus removal has worked? It's a growing trend that more and more employees are using their home based computers for work related tasks or online transactions, such as internet banking and online purchases, or taking their work computer home, exposing it to more internet security threats that can threaten their business network when they return to work. - More than ever having the best antivirus protection software and internet security protection solution is essential. DELTA Vision AV – More than the best Antivirus Software and Internet Security Protection! To answer to this growing trend and to assist our valued clients, DELTA has released a Managed Antivirus Solution designed for your protection and peace of mind. Based on the award-winning Bitdefender Antivirus Business software solution – renowned for high performance and low impact on target systems, this is an online, centrally managed antivirus and internet security solution like none other. Why just get another antivirus software product when you can have so much more? The right price with no surprises Fully Managed – DELTA assesses any problems to help you prevent infection Take Action – Designed to identify the risk and ensures the necessary action is taken for virus removal Definitions and Updates – Antivirus software must be kept up to date. DELTA ensures your definitions are all up to date and working High performance and Low impact -  Get the best possible antivirus protection without grinding your computer to a halt Fast to install – Get setup in minutes assuring fast and reliable antivirus and internet security protection when you need it Ingenious simplicity providing enterprise standard antivirus software and monitoring for the home businesses to SME’s to enterprise sites. It doesn’t end there…


The DELTA Vision AV solution will also monitor and audit your core systems and processes: Keep an eye on hard disk space and be advised if your getting low Check core processes and hardware to ensure they’re running OK Audit your computer to record serial numbers, OS versions and keep track of installed applications Check your Windows Update status to ensure your computer is patched and even more protected Make sure your firewall is turned on for optimum internet security Monitor for internet security issues and hacker attempts Don’t wait… Try our online 30 day no obligation free trial. Click here for more information why you should implement a robust and fully managed antivirus protection solution – Information provided from the GFI® Software 2011 Parent-Teen Internet Safety Study