Over the past decade DELTA has identified that the ICT Industry is confronted with many challenges to deliver excellent results to meet the end users requirements and to find the right balance to factor the associated costs verses benefit

Here we’ll examine a few that are affecting the industry the most.

•New challenges are emerging on a daily basis at a rate never seen before… and predictions from the industry watchdogs and primary vendors are that it’s only going to get worse… 

•With new technology and a global playing field there are new threats and risk emerging that are impacting business’s in all sectors.

•Business and end users demand excellence from their systems so they can meet their own demands… so system failure is not an option… especially if it could have been prevented.

•With tight margins and a competitive economy, there isn’t much room to factor in the “What if something happens costs” yet there is still the demand for systems to be fully functional and online ready to go.

•Even the best of the support team needs a break or worse decide to move on

•It’s a battle unto it’s own, just keeping up to date with the vast array of production requirements let alone finding the right information in time to help with an issue.

•We’re in an industry that’s continually moving and evolving just to deliver to production requirements let alone factor in looking after it all.

Because of all the treats, challenges and impact to others (mostly caused by systems not being kept up to date or inadequately monitored) new compliance standards are being release and many can have fines attached to them if you break or don’t adhere to there requirements.


When DELTA first embarked on this mission to find the ultimate in systems management and the “magic pill” that cured all… we were like everyone else… confronted by the limitations of the tools to act on there own without someone continually managing them and the information they provided; and the speed at which the industry was evolving… Plus so much was still slipping past the best of products if no one was sat there watching them 24 / 7 and analysing the a vast array of data they offered up…


…and again it’s a real fact… BOTNET’s, Malicious Users and Malicious Code won’t simply just go away… we just have to get better at managing them and staying ahead of the game…


It was then we realised we had a choice… we could create another fantastic set of tools to meet our requirements and then compete in this space to gain credibility and market space… or create an Advanced Process and Analytics' Framework to complement the existing range of tools and systems available; therefore creating a robust and exciting new frontier and global service opportunity that complemented the industry and product vendors rather than competing with them…thus the delta imanager© Solution series was created.


Our flagship product delta imanager© compiles information and leverages the tools from many of the ICT industry technology leaders.


Forming these partnerships has assured our subscribers that they were getting an extremely high quality industry established product onsite; and that DELTA got the information we required to create a value add proposition for our subscribers… the net effect was the technology leaders did what they do well… while we focussed on enhancing it even further with an AI (Artificial Intelligence) and Advance Process Framework…