DELTA VISION ActiveEDR — The Ultimate Solution in Active Protection

“It’s time to change the way we protect ourselves online in a Connected World”

Current AV, Endpoint Security and Protection Solutions may offer peace of mind, but are often falling short of delivering the protection you need. They often involve multiple products and require end-user experience to be effective. Ransomware, Password Theft, File-less Executions and New Threats are compromising more endpoints than ever before, to the point where going online, opening a file or email attachment becomes “thank goodness, we weren’t compromised this time” instead of enjoying the online experience you desire. Not to mention the cost of recovery and damage caused should you be unwittingly compromised.

Desire a solution that just works, can fully recovery to a pre-infected state and doesn’t expect the end-user to be an IT Guru.

Welcome to DELTA VISION ActiveEDR – Get the only real-time endpoint protection and recovery solution you will ever need.


  • Automate responses for rapid threat containment
  • Remediate attacks by reversing the effects
  • Rollback attacks by replacing compromised files with pre-attack healthy versions
  • Automatically isolate infected devices and immunize the remaining endpoints


  • Easily determine how and when an attack started
  • View summaries or detailed information about threats from a single dashboard
  • Present key risk findings and executive insights via customized reports
  • Automatically Track and Analyse threats as they happen


  • Protect against the latest threats without waiting for recurring scans or updates to signature definitions
  • Respond to threats at the endpoint immediately
  • Policy driven protection that is customized for your protection
  • Allows / Blocks USBs and endpoint traffic to determine the appropriate response