A new era in IT System Management and Monitoring


Processing the data you collect from your IT Systems into actionable information is an art. It’s something a monitoring product by itself is unable to do - Sure you can ping things and check hard drive space and even check to see if that vital process is running – But what about all the associated log information that tells you what’s actually causing the problems or that identifies issues that would otherwise go unnoticed? How about knowing what parts of your business are going to be affected if something stops?

You may have invested in the finest products available, and many of these do an exceptional job. However at the end of the day without some form of process framework to manage this vital data it quickly becomes informational noise that burdens supports teams rather than empowering them.


  • Have you ever thought, “if only I had that information hours ago, it could have saved me hours of time or prevented this outage”? – Not to mention the associated costs

  • Are you confronted with thousands of alerts and endless amounts of information every time you look at your IT Systems Monitoring solution? – So much so that you spend all your time processing this information getting little or no real value from it, let alone doing something about what it's telling you.

  • So you’ve got all this vital information… Then what? Do you struggle with assembling this data into some form of action plan only to have it lost in transit somewhere and the next wave of information is upon you?


If this sounds all too familiar or if you’re looking for a better way, then you need a framework empowered by M.O.T.H.E.R© and the DELTA Process


What is M.O.T.H.E.R©


M.O.T.H.E.R© stands for Monitoring Operations To Help Enterprises Remotely. It is a framework developed by DELTA that enables us to process vast amounts of information from many types of end points, sites, logs and informational sources.


It is not a product or tool that our clients purchase or use, but purely a framework that operates as an “enabler” so that DELTA can provide an advanced, dynamic, IT Management and Monitoring solution that delivers the best possible results for our clients.


M.O.T.H.E.R© and the DELTA Process frameworks allows DELTA to perform and continuously develop many additional advanced monitoring features. These range from simple monitoring tasks through to complex event source information correlation, compliance monitoring to meet PCI DSS and HIPPA Standards requirements, through to advanced security monitoring to track malicious activity and provide detailed threat assessments.


Having a framework of this calibre makes it possible to integrate and easily mange other products and services so DELTA can offer a total solution to our clients to cover a wide range of IT industry disciplines.


  • Advanced and effective monitoring

  • Call Centre and advance Alert Escalation management and processing

  • Advanced Report and Information Centres

  • Knowledge base and data to help resolve issues quickly

  • Efficient and effective remediation services

  • Cost effective patch management and systems update services

  • Comprehensive Site Audits