Delta Technology Solutions

Delta Technology Solutions was founded in 2002 with the primary goal of delivering a holistic end to end solution that removes the complexities of SIEM Information Analysis and Management, Systems Health Monitoring, Security Risk Assessments, Remediation and Compliance needs of large organisations; through to protecting small to medium business and end-user devices..

With decades of experience behind us DELTA created a Symbiotic Intelligence and Process Framework that works with companies and end-users to deliver outstanding security, increase operational efficiencies, reduced procedural overheads, aids in  compliance and auditing requirements and allows a business to concentrate on business, while DELTA ensures your business systems are secure - - a one of a kind framework that is delivering far beyond the capabilities of any single product, faster, better and with more depth and accuracy than ever before.

DELTA’s primary point of difference Is the Big Data Analytics and Symbiotic framework that binds all the supported products, tools, informational collection streams and engineering process layers into a full end-to-end Big Data, + Active Defence, fully managed solution .This highly efficient central framework allows DELTA to effectively manage many industry requirements and disciplines that captures high volume noise events that are often ignored, to establishing patterns of operations.

Delta delivers end to end solutions and remediation services across all sectors from around the world 24/7.


About Delta Technology Solutions

The Delta Difference

This is the IT service senior management dream of, delivering a proactive IT solution that gives you the stable platform you need at a cost effective price.

20 years ago few could have foreseen the explosion in the IT industry and our growing reliance on our IT infrastructure, to the point where now we are wholly dependent on our computers to function in our businesses. The loss of these systems is catastrophic with 7 of 10 Small Businesses that experience a major data loss going out of business within a year (Price Waterhouse Coopers 2004).

With this came the associated overhead of keeping systems running, applying software solutions to identify and resolve problems, a lack of experienced IT systems engineers and a huge influx of "Nasties" set on destroying this key investment made by so many businesses.

With over 25 years in the Electronic and IT services industry, Rick Mulford, founder of Delta Technology Solutions, knows the strain this puts on systems engineers and has experienced firsthand the enforced sabbatical caused by being a victim of your own success – work, work and more work

In an effort to assist IT support personnel everywhere he created Delta Technology Solutions to capture this workflow and create controlled usable data that frees up time and resources while protecting the organisations greatest assets – its people, information and its data.

With decades of experience behind them, spanning SOHO to multi-national corporations and government departments, the team created the DELTA solution - a one of a kind framework that is delivering far beyond the capabilities of any single product, faster, better and with more depth and accuracy.

Using the unique M.O.T.H.E.R framework, the DELTA solution is a fully integrated full remedial service (not a product). It delivers monitoring, compliance and security with a framework that provides a full suite of supplemental services in a way that brings the enjoyment back to running an IT infrastructure.

We do the watching so you can do the business… You have to experience DELTA’s service to believe it so check out our features and contact us today to discuss your requirements further.